What is my23hquploader?

my23hquploader is an easy photo uploader for www.23hq.com. It is written in Java so you don't need special binaries to your plataform altough you need a Java Virtual Machine (*you need Java*).

With my23hquploader you can upload easily a lot of photos that share tags or belongs to the same album but also lets you customize specific information before uploading: tag one by one, deleting shared ones, moving to other albums, set descriptions...

Thumbnails work fine with (at least...): JPG, PNG and GIF.



This software is still alpha. Download the latest version




First of all download the zip file and uncompress ImageUploader.jar and lib directory anywhere you want but in the SAME directory.


Then you can run the application by double click in the ImageUploader.jar icon. If you are not using Sun's Java or you have not action associated to .jar files then try to run it from command line:

Example on Linux: java -jar /home/usenrname/my23hquploader/ImageUploader.jar

Example on Windows java -jar "C:\Documents and Settings\usenrname\my23hquploader\ImageUploader.jar"


Introduce your 23hq.com acount username/password to login.

This screenshot shows how to create a new album for our photos. If we want a new album we have to create it before open the photos. If we create an album , it is automatically set as default album

If we want to use an existing album, just select from the list. In this case I have selected "Zamora 2006" album. Then I write the tags that I want for all the photos of this upload. I have also selected default public checkbox because I want the most of my photos to be public.

Then I use Open photos button to load the photos that I want. Different photos can be selected using CTRL + right click and usually using CTRL + A you can select all photos in the directory. You can repeat this process any times you want, even you can open new group of photos using different default settings (public/private, album and tags).

All photos get the default values. In this case I want to change values for Photo 5: I make it private, I add two new tags and I write a stupid description. :D

Final Step: don't forget to use "Upload all" button ;-)



Hi, if you have any question you can contact me by e-mail: julian.navascues AT gmail.com

My 23hq.com is http://www.23hq.com/recuerdoreloco

Thanks to SF for their great work.
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